About Papa Parisien

Salut! In 2015 my wife and I moved to Paris and had our first child, a baby boy. After a lengthy maternity leave, she went back to her awesome job. She has left us to fend for ourselves and, perhaps most dangerously, has left me in charge of food, diapers, and nap times. Now it’s just us boys at home, wiling away the hours until mommy gets home.

But, you know, one can only stay at home so many days of the week, particularly when one lives in Paris!

I know it’s going to mess up nap times and food schedules, and I’m sure I’ll be stuck changing a poopy diaper or two in some strange locations, but The City of Light beckons. My son and I are going to answer this siren’s call, damned the consequences.

You can find Papa Parisien (a.k.a. Lucas M. Peters) online at www.lucasmpeters.com or find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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