Le temps passe vite!

The other day my wife and I walked into our local grocery store with Zef. We took him out of the stroller and let him walk around, holding one of our hands of course. He is 16 months now and knows well enough to look, but not touch. He’ll approach something, point to it, and look to us for permission to pick it up — most of the time.

We were checking out and one of my favorite clerks was ringing us up, making small chat, when she looked at Zef and said, “This is your son? The same one you used to bring here? Wow! Time goes fast!” We were speaking in French and I’m paraphrasing a bit here.

The clerk hadn’t seen Zef in a few months and when she did, he was nearly always wrapped up in our Je Porte Mon Bébé scarf or tucked into his BabyBjörn. And now here he was, walking and even talking a bit!

Zephyr stopping to take his hat off on our neighborhood in the 15th
Like so many other people that meet Zef, the clerk was telling us to profit and take advantage of this time. After all, as she said, le temps passe vite. And she’s right, time does fly by. It’s a cliché but like so many clichés, there is truth to it.

I tell this to my sister and her husband, who just had their own baby a few weeks ago, that this is a truth. Those first few months seem interminable, with a notable lack of sleep and days that seem to often drag on. But then, suddenly, you wake up and your kid is a year old and sleeps 12 hours a night and you wonder where the time went.

All this is to say, the last few months I’ve been an utter failure at posting on Papa Parisien. It’s not for lack of things to write. There have been a thousand things blog-worthy. I just need to clone myself and create a time-space wormhole to Groundhog’s Day-style re-live some hours of my day.

In January, my travel guide for Morocco came out with Moon Guidebooks (published by Avalon, the same people that publish Rick Steves). If you didn’t already know, I lived in Morocco for six years before moving to Paris (from 2009-2015) and I go back there regularly. I spent a long time doing research and traveling around the country for this book, taking pictures and, more recently, doing videos. There has been a lot of work promoting this book and, unexpectedly, there has been a lot of other travel writing related work that has come my way with a bunch of articles, photos and videos — from destinations from Malta to Paris — that have just eaten up my time!

Oh… and I was an adjunct at the Sorbonne for the semester! How cool is that?

All of this has been circling around our son and, you know what, le temps passe vite!

Our little rocker (don’t worry, there is no music in those headphones, he just likes to wear them)
The time may be flying by, but stay tuned to Papa Parisien. As our son is growing older, branching out, and discovering Paris, so are we! With his developing sense of humor and fondness for kissing strangers on the cheek, cats and anything resembling a balloon, there have been many discoveries… and many more are on their way, I’m sure of it.

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