Django Reinhardt: Coming Soon to a Théâtre Near You

I don’t know about you other dads, but I love me some gypsy jazz. There are a some fantastic places to tuck in and enjoy a little “Manouche” as it’s known here in Paris. One of my favorite places is just outside the city limits, north in Saint Ouen. There is a giant flea market in Saint Ouen my wife loves to shop in on the weekends.

As you might imagine, sifting through junk isn’t always my idea of a good time on a Saturday. However, I’m usually lucky enough to ditch the wife (and sometimes Zef) and pop into Le Chope des Puces for some great jazz and a cool cocktail.

For those of you who enjoy the manly moustachioed manouche as much as I, then check out the trailer for the new move based on the life of the grandest gypsy guitarist of them all: Django Reinhardt.

See you in the theaters or at Le Chope des Puces

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