What the Carp?!?!

Nobody comes to Paris for the Aquariums. Yet here they are, in and around the city, ready for kids and adults to connect with their inner Jacques Cousteau.

Zef checking out the fishies
You can find the l’Aquarium de Paris conveniently located near the Eiffel Tower
The Aquarium entrance is easy to miss, just north of the steps leading through the Trocadero, across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower


Once you’ve plunged into the subterranean depths of the aquarium, and checked out all the Nemos and Dorises you can stand, and after you pass by the impressive tank of sharks, it’s time for the big highlight of the day… the Carp Pond!!!

In the Carp Pond, the kids are encouraged to play in the water and pet the carps. The carps are excited, swimming beneath them and sometimes nibbling little kid fingers!!!

Tickets to the aquarium are a bit steep for adults (20.50 for the day), but kids under 3 are free and a year pass is fairly priced at 59 Euros. However, they do interesting night exhibitions with champagne that could make for an interesting date-night for all you couples out there still working on making a baby!

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