What Do French Babies Eat?

I really don't know what babies around the world eat, but I'm pretty familiar now with what we're shoving in our baby's face. As a parent, I think it's really important to do the research and look into what we're shoveling down the throats of our mutant offspring. Besides following our pediatrician's recommendations, we've consulted a... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Giverny

Last week, my mom and I decided to take Zephyr to Giverny. My mother had never been and I had gone with Zephyr only the one time, while he was still in utero. I was pretty sure he wouldn't remember anything about our first trip, which was nearly a year ago to the day, 366... Continue Reading →

Sometimes The Baby Eats You

Trigger Warning: the following post contains descriptions of cannibalism. All you stay-at-home parents out there will understand it when I say: Some days you eat the baby and other days, well, the baby eats you. This last week has been a "the baby eats me" sort of week. Grandma (my mom) came into town and... Continue Reading →

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