An Über Z-Day

She wakes up at four o'clock, her face cuts a grimace in the early February morning dark.  She can't scream and she can't even swear. All she can say is a sort of moaning "ahhh." "Are you okay?" I ask her. "Is it time?" When the contraction stops and the pain subsides she says, "I don't think so. I think it's the fake... Continue Reading →

Café Roots

I love - I mean really, really love - a good cup of coffee. I can probably count on one hand the things I love more than coffee. Let's see... Family Friends ... and the list peters out after that. Other "F" words (like "Freedom" and "Football" - get your mind out of the gutter!)... Continue Reading →

How to Picnic in Paris with Baby

There is maybe nothing more Parisian than packing up a couple of baguette sandwiches and a cool bottle of chardonnay, maybe grabbing a blanket, and then heading out to picnic on a sunny day. This is exactly what we did this last Sunday with the added joy of bringing along Zef, our six month-old baby boy.... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Dating Your Wife

As you probably know, in August much of Paris shuts down and the Parisians flee the city for the annual 3 - 4 week summer vacation. Despite my wife just returning to work from her six-month maternity leave, she was basically strong-armed into taking a minimum of 2 weeks vacation this August. I'm pretty sure... Continue Reading →

Half A World Away… There Is Another Stay-At-Home-Writer-Dad Just Like Me Who Also Has To Scoop His Cat’s Smelly Poop!

Since I started doing this blog, I’ve been getting emails/messages from friends (new ones, and old). Some of them are really encouraging, some of them are laced with hidden sarcasm. Many of these exchanges, while on the surface are kind, hide this sentiment, “Oh…you’re writing a book, editing, and doing a daily blog. Dad life […]... Continue Reading →

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